Up in the Mountains

A view worth freezing for

My aunt and uncle (who we’ve not seen in years) flew all the way from San Francisco to visit us and we thought we’d show them the beauty of the mountains in Canada. We came out on a foggy, rainy day and was it glorious! 

The first thing we did was go to Masala and had the loveliest curry lunch with freshly made naan baked in a tandoori oven. It was the perfect thing to have on a cold day – hearty, warming, and rich.

Then we went up the side of a mountain on a gondola. If you imagine yourself falling you’d have a terrible time. It was quite windy that day too so our gondola was rocking a whole lot. But we all just joked about and it was still really fun.

Then we hiked the paths to the other mountains. It was quite a trek. It was still very windy at the time and the cold was biting. It was all worth it for the stunning view overlooking Banff.

Afterwards we went down to Lake Louise and explored the Fairmont Chateau which looked a lot like the Grand Budapest Hotel. This area has to be the most instagrammed place in all of Alberta. All the photos ever taken of it do not do justice to the true beauty of it.

All in all, it was a beautiful way to spend the day. Spending time outside of the city definitely helps recharge one’s energy.

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