Getting good
at living great.

Goldstere is a
home for stories.

Stories about seeing the world; discovering good food, visiting hidden gems, being in the midst of the unfamiliar.

Stories of new beauty and fashion discoveries and expressing one’s self.

Stories about new beginnings, change and growth.

Stories of people taking about and doing what they love; when things go well and when things do not go as planned. Stories that teach us lessons and inspire us to go and reach for what we truly want.


Goldstere is about people who are getting good at living great.

Armed with a camera, a notebook and a pencil, I aim to capture the energy and help tell the stories of the great people I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by, as well as the different cultures and environment that I experience, in the hopes that it all will inspire you as all of it inspire me.

Photo of camera, pencil and notebook
Photo of Nicholai

About me

I am a 23 year old currently residing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I like taking photos of people, being visually creative and learning about marketing so that I can share, connect and reach more people.

I want to use all the skills I’ve taught myself over the years to create a platform for millennials like me to get inspired, connect and feel empowered to achieve their goals.